Who the hell do you think you are?

16 August 2012

As well as being a coach, I’m a professional copywriter. To feed my inner geek, I get a wonderful blog from Copyblogger about all things wordy and communicative.

A recent Copyblogger post was from a business coach, Marcia Hoeck. Her lovely blog, How to Answer the Entrepreneurial Question: ‘Just Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?’, really struck a chord with me – not just from a business and coaching perspective, but from a human perspective.

So many of my clients are asking themselves exactly the same question – just who the hell do you think you are? To want to do what you want to do, to look the way you look, to think the things you think? And lord knows I’ve thought it myself on occasion too… Welcome to the most human of conditions – self-doubt!

Marcia’s great blog reflects on a business owner’s struggle, but I think some of her solutions work just as well for those inevitable moments when we’re over-whelmed with self-doubt – and in life there will be many! The two most relevant outside the business context are:

1. It’s not just you, trying to be invisible

You’d be so surprised how common this coping mechanism is! And usually we give ourselves such a hard time about it as well, because we’re racked with self-doubt and everyone else isn’t – yeah right! Accept self-doubt is part of being human, and work towards achieving what you want anyway.

2. Not that many people are actually looking at you

‘We wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of us – if only we knew how seldom they do.’ Human’s are naturally pretty self-absorbed creatures – we really are the centre of our own universe, and sometimes that’s not such a bad thing – what’s wrong with taking care of yourself and trying to be happy? Not a thing! So get some perspective and stop worrying about what other people think of you – chances are they’re completely oblivious. You are the only person you have to account to – if you’re happy with how you’re behaving/looking/feeling, then that’s what counts.


Of course, these things don’t happen over night, so a bit of help along the way (like a good life coach) can really help. But whether you choose to get a coach or to go it alone, don’t lose sight of these two points. Don’t make your own life harder than it needs to be!

For a free, no-obligation 15-minute chat about how coaching can help you, email carole@caroleraycoaching.com

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